Residential Wifi Controllers & Basic Pumps

Wednesday March 11th  8:30 – 3:15 Residential Wifi Controllers & Basic Pumps $60 per person at the Boxboro Regency. Click here for directions
Registration closes March 4th.

Morning – Rainbird will discuss how to install and monitor residential systems using Rainbird ESP controllers and Link Wifi.

Mid-morning – A Hunter Rep will discuss Hydrawise controller options, how to install, connect, program and monitor using Hydrawise and The Contractor Portal.

Afternoon – Beth O’Brien from Stateline will give an overview of basic information on different types of pumps available, pumps that Stateline stocks, and what information is needed to size a pump. This will include how to read a pump curve.  She will discuss installation, maintenance and common problems with pumps and will include some basic troubleshooting.  Approx 6 CEUs.  Includes lunch.

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